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Getz Nordic Ltd., is the leading car care product supplier and wholesaler in Latvia. Getz is also operating as a market distributor for the world known brands in car care, chemical and accessory business.

Founded in 1995, Getz Latvia has been creating its sales network with above 800 customers in present. The leading retail chains, motor factors, garages, car wash services, commercial fleets, and car dealers have been our partners since early days.

Company’s annual sales are €5,1 million (as per Ernst & Young).

Backed by the warehouse of 1’500 m2 in Riga, we ensure the supplies being fulfilled the next labour day after receipt of the order.

“Getz Nordic” is a member of the group of companies “Getz Baltic”, which includes also the Estonian (“Getz Eesti”) and Lithuanian (“Getz Lithuania”) companies, thus providing full covering of range and supply of goods throughout the Baltic States. Information on “Getz Baltic” Estonian and Lithuanian companies can be found on the homepages and, respectively.

Another service provided by Getz Latvia, is the manufacturing of private label automotive chemicals such as Statoil, Narvesen, Pitstop and Car Fun, making 1/3 of the sales.

Getz Latvia has high standards on quality control and the environmental issues.

We organise regular product trainings and seminars for our customers, as well as different marketing activities to promote the products and support our customer campaigns.

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The Tree design and WUNDER-BAUM are trademarks.

Companie`s history

1995 Getz Latvia is founded in July and starts its operations as the distributor of air fresheners for cars, wiper blades, car care chemicals and automotive lamps

1996-1999 Getz Latvia develops its relationship with the leading manufacturers and becomes the market dealer of Turtle Wax car care products, Wynn’s additives, WD-40 multifunctional lubricant, and Osram automotive lamps.

1997 First manufacturing of the branded screen-wash liquid takes place

2002 Getz becomes the market dealer of WUNDER-BAUM® air fresheners and Champion wiper blades

From its early days, when Getz Latvia started as one of the first Latvian companies selling to the mass market, the target was set to become the leader of this segment.

First in the market to offer the car care products and accessories based on planograms and fixed assortment with the retail chains.

The basic strategy was defined as one supplier – one customer principle. Getz offers complete range of automotive products to the customer meanwhile providing full service and promotional support for the sales.

Alongside with distribution of the world’s leading brands, Getz Latvia has been developing its own products such as Pitstop technical liquids, Car Fun car care chemicals, Moskitoff insect repellents and Pikniks grill line products.

Since 2013 the Getz Baltic Group has held a licence to produce high-quality coolants, summer and winter window cleaners under the Turtle Wax brand. Its Turtle Wax brand licence is proof of its cutting-edge technology and stable and constantly controlled quality.

Getz Latvia is an active partner and initiator of different social campaigns, just to mention the biggest ones.

· Supporting of Rigas Ritmi Jazz Fest – since 2008

· Partner in the environmental project with Latvijas Zaļais Punkts and Narvesen retail chain on waste sorting and repeated use of plastic canisters – since 2009.

The particular project includes providing of the special waste containers for plastic canisters of screen-wash liquids, in the territory of Narvesen petrol stations, collection of the canister waste (which is not the subject of recycling in the region), and refilling collected canisters with Narvesen Premium screen-wash liquids. The idea of the project is to prevent the waste entering the environment and give it a new life instead.

· Partner in the project with Riga ZOO and Turtle Wax – from July 2010 to September 2011.

Getz Latvia donates one santim for every Turtle Wax product sold to the market to support the sufficient living conditions and construction of the dwelling place for turtles in Riga ZOO.

· Supporting of Krāslava Art School each Christmas – since 2010

Financial donation in favour of Krāslava Art School is an essential way to support the children from the indigent areas of Latvia. Particular school has become an important centre of education in Krāslava area, also providing a good opportunity to children in spending their leisure days in full value within the world of arts and self-development.

· Surprise the Winter campaign – late 2012

During the successful campaign, that took place near the biggest retail chains with busy car parks, car drivers were offered a free diagnostics of vehicle parts playing the principal role in providing the safety on the road during the cold season.

Vision and strategic targets of Getz Latvia:

development of its brands resulting in the covering of the whole Baltic area and dynamic entering of professional automotive markets such as garages and car dealers.