Intars Strods

Category Manager, SIA Gros Auto Grupa

It has been more than 10 years of our cooperation with Getz Bros. & Co. (Latvia) Ltd. We see Getz as a one of the steadiest partners in a long term. There is a wide range of products of well-known brands we buy from Getz: Champion wiper blades, Wynn`s Belgium additives, Turtle Wax car care products, WD-40 multifunctional liquid and Bottari car accessories. The value of original products is appreciated by our customers. To appraise our cooperation with Getz, it is the quality partner in the aspects of conditions and fulfilment of supplies, the updates on the current events in the automotive market, and the day-to-day communication.

Anete Siliņa

Marketing Manager, SIA Virši-A

Our partnership with Getz Bros. & Co. (Latvia) Ltd., extends beyond 3 years of cooperation. To mention some of the popular brands supplied by Getz, such as Champion wiper blades, WD-40 multifunctional liquid, Turtle Wax car care products, and Wunder-Baum air fresheners. Particular brands proposed are the base and in the favour of our co-operation, thus allowing us to offer recognizable products of permanent high quality to our customers.

There is a certain development in our relationship through these years of cooperation. Along with the growing product range supplied by Getz, there have been comprehensive and successful marketing activities run together. The grounds of the mutually successful cooperation must have been involvement and obliging attitude expressed by Getz when it comes to the shared campaigns and sales promotions. We also appreciate flexibility of Getz in finding the most beneficial solutions for all parties involved.