Šī vietne izmanto sīkdatnes, lai uzlabotu lietošanas pieredzi un optimizētu tās darbību. Turpinot lietot šo vietni, Jūs piekrītiet sīkdatņu lietošanai šajā mājaslapā.

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Šī vietne izmanto sīkdatnes, lai uzlabotu lietošanas pieredzi un optimizētu tās darbību. Turpinot lietot šo vietni, Jūs piekrītiet sīkdatņu lietošanai šajā mājaslapā.

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Manufacturing of a new series of antifreeze and batteries is being commenced

Following the market tendencies, the company “Getz Nordic” has commenced manufacturing of budget class antifreezes and trade of batteries. The brand called Nordline represents antifreezes, while Nordic Power carries the name of batteries, thus, from now on, labelling a composition of high quality components in the market. The company has been manufacturing high-quality antifreezes for several years, representing the worldwide most popular car maintenance brand Turtle Wax. Further on, reacting to the demand-related market tendencies, budget class antifreeze Nordline will be available to the buyers in all three Baltic States.

1000 New Spruces planted in the Territory of Landfill “Daibe”

With the aim to improve air quality and renew timber resources, 1000 new spruces were planted in the territory of the regional waste management centre “Daibe” last week-end. Planting of new spruce trees is a joint contribution of local waste management company “ZAAO”, official dealer of car air fresheners WUNDER-BAUM in Latvia – company “Getz Nordic”, and “Valmiera SOS Children’s Village” in the environmental initiative “100 Works for Latvia” dedicated to centennial of Latvia.

Thanks to the support of producer of car air fresheners WUNDER-BAUM, the new spruce forest is a symbolic fee of car drivers to nature so that at least a little compensate the harm caused to it by car emissions. Data of the “World Wide Fund for Nature” show that transport is the second largest cause of environmental pollution in Latvia. The greater air pollution is, the more trees are required to absorb this pollution. A spruce forest of average area can produce 350 tons of oxygen in approximately 50 years or 7 tons a year. Spruce is the second most popular tree species with the help of which forests in Latvia are being renewed, according to information of “Latvia’s State Forests”. It is important to know also that a tree produces oxygen only while it is growing, namely, a ripe forest does not produce oxygen any more.

Child culture project ‘Garā pupa’ contest winning families announced

The contest for multi-child families organised for the third year in a row by the child culture project ‘Garā pupa’ of the Ascendum society in cooperation with the car part and accessory wholesale company Getz Nordic has been completed. The participants submitted descriptions of their ideas on how the talents and skills of their families could help Latvia in the future, with five of the participants winning the contest. In January, the families will get a special opportunity to visit the Riga Cathedral as part of the exciting tour/expedition STUNDA DOMĀ. The winning families will have their travel expenses compensated. It will soon be the time when, on the Dome Square, at the Riga Cathedral, the events bringing together the memories and the stories of the Barricades will take place. A goal of this contest was also to summon up one of the strongest groups in the country, Latvia’s families with multiple children, encouraging them to think what skills and talents they have, and in what way these skills and talents would help Latvia grow into a civically and culturally powerful state, strengthening the patriotic sentiment.

Company name change

Due to the expansion of its strategic activities in Estonia and Lithuania, the car care and detailing product, car accessory dealer SIA ‘Getz Bros. & Co. (Latvia) Ltd’ has become ‘Getz Nordic.’ Last year, the Getz group companies in the Baltics have experienced significant structural changes, the purpose of which is to ensure the provision of quality wholesale services, in compliance with today’s market’s dynamic standards. From now on, in order to increase their competitiveness and be able to react more precisely to changes in market demand, the Getz companies in the Baltics will work under a unified management group.